Android SDK

­čîÄ ┬áVer 4.1.2 International (Sep 30, 2017)

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Bug fixed

  • A probability crash on some low devices when initiating a network request.

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­čîÄ ┬áVer 4.1.0 International (Sep 14, 2017)


  • Added Language support for Community UI
    • French

    • Italian

    • Spanish

    • Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • API KTAccountManager.setUserProfileLocks this is used to control the editability of user profile properties


  • API KTAccountManager.setNickname, and to be replaced by KTAccountManager.updateProfile

Bug fixed

  • Android: Resolve API KTAccountManager.updateProfile malfunction issue when missing valid avatarsÔÇÖ file path

­čîÄ ┬áVer 4.0.0 International┬á(Aug 18, 2017)


  • User generated Content Translation
  • Content Topic Filtering by Language
  • Reply order sorting
  • Pinned Reply

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.5.2┬áInternational (Jul┬á17, 2017)


  • Add isNicknameChanged property to user profile

Issues Resolved

  • Android:┬áResolve compatibility issue of Android Support library

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.5.1 International (Jun┬á30, 2017)

Bug Resolved

  • Android: My topics mixed with replies

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.5.0 International (Jun┬á23, 2017)


  • Related topic searching in topic creation.


  • Guest Login
  • Promotion


  • Fixed issues

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.4.0 International (May┬á31, 2017)


  • Leaderboard support in Community Window
  • Guest Login
  • Youtube Video support in Community Content (only in International version)


  • Deeplink

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.2.3 International (Apr 24, 2017)


  • Fixed issues about callbacks from SDK

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.2.2 International (Apr┬á6, 2017)


  • Optimizations

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.2.0 International (Mar 17, 2017)


  • Android: Method Size Optimization, reduced to less than 300

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.1.2 International (Jan 20, 2017)


  • Android: fix the potential name conflict issue of KTplay jar with other 3rd packages

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.1.0 International (Jan 10, 2017)


  • Arabic Language Support
  • Support RTL UI layout (Android 4.4.2 or above)
  • Package size optimization
  • Android SDK's method size optimization

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.0.1 International (Dec 16, 2016)

Fixed a bug of messages losing in chat history sometimes


  • Removed the email length limitation on sign up and log in page
  • Fixed a bug on chat history disorder

­čîÄ ┬áVer 3.0.0 International (Dec┬á2, 2016)

New Features

  • Follow
  • Chat
  • Influencer
  • View History
  • Customizable Bio and Header background
  • Social Sharing by using device sharing capabilities, e.g. SNS, email, installed (Feature will be relied or constrained by the implementation of sharing capability of device)

Optimized Features

  • Home page's module optimization include categorization, collection and influencer
  • Search
  • UI to easy switching between Topic's List View (default) and Card View
  • Player Profile page optimization
  • More Customizable Interstitial Message
  • Predefined┬áInterstitial message template at game start

Features Removed

  • Topic's Pin to Top
  • Leaderboard
  • Friends (replaced by Follow)
  • Screenshot
  • Remove .so file in Android SDK
  • Remove Google ads in Android SDK

­čîÄ ┬áVer 2.5.1 International┬á(Sep 27, 2016)


  • Ads optimization by reducing ads placement
  • Adjust dialog style in Android SDK to conform Google Play Store UI policy

­čîÄ ┬áVer 2.5.0┬áInternational┬á(Sep 2, 2016)


  • SDK API for Deeplink to UI section of KTplay community
  • SDK API for setting CommunityÔÇÖs System Language
  • Support report player
  • Community home page, change recommended content (round-robin) every time
  • Community is opened, as to provide a more fresh UI experience
  • Player Profile Like UI, display topics being liked
  • Ads experience of Community Closed event. From interstitial ads to embedded ads in Community
  • Resolved issue of miss-receipting message in Android 6

­čîÄ ┬áVer 2.4.1┬áInternational┬á(Aug┬á1, 2016)


  • Fixed following bug for Android SDK
    • Crashed on uploading video

­čîÄ ┬áVer 2.4.0┬áInternational┬á(July 21, 2016)


  • Hyperlink from topic┬ácontent to deeplink within games
  • Hyperlink from topic┬ácontent to external URL
  • Hyperlink from topic┬ácontent to other discussions
  • Hyperlink from topic┬ácontent to collections
  • Video upload optimization

­čîÄ ┬áVer 2.3.4┬áInternational┬á(July 5, 2016)


  • KTplay In-game community
  • Messaging
  • Gift and Rewards
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