In-Game Community


The in-game Community is the core of KTplay where you can effectively gather all of your players under one roof; observe, manage and influence their interactions, players can share their gaming experiences with each other with text, images and videos. They can post questions, share tactics and strategies and provide feedback to you in real time. More importantly, with KTplay’s liveOps tools, you can also curate and program any content that goes into the community to influence player behaviors inside the game to your benefit.

Community User Interface

Community Window

The Community window is the main player-facing interface that holds together most of the KTplay features. You can design Community Entry anywhere in your game to allow Players click and show the In-Game Community, and you can also open the Community Window directly from your game logic using our API.

Community Entry

The Community Entry is where Community window get activated and shown from your game. In order to maximize effectiveness of the in-game community, we recommend you placing this entry button in as many places as throughout the gaming experience as possible, and design it so it looks just like a part of your UI/UX.

Notification Alert

The “red dot” notification alert overlaying the Community Entry is a great way to let players know that things is happening in the community. 

Manage in-game Community via KTplay portal

Typical Usages

  1. Official game announcement!

  2. Best user video that showcase the uniqueness of your game at any level.

  3. Collect multiple discussion into one “Topic” collection. This is a great way to highlight high quality player content.

  4. Showcase screenshots that will motivate players to get deeper into your game.

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