Reskin - Custom Design Your Community UI

By changing the resource files, you can customize the graphics of the main navigation of the Community Window. We recommend you take some time to do so to make the community look and feel as close to your game as possible.

Community Entry Design

Proper Community Entry design is critical to the Community adoption in your game.

  • Make sure you place the Community Access Button throughout the gaming experience for easy access for your players.
  • Design the notification alert (with animation or effects) so it is effective in drawing the eyes of your players

Access points of Quick share to Community

Provide this quick “share to community” access within your game to help players quickly brag about their achievements or ask questions to the rest of the players in your game. READ MORE on this quick share option.

KTplay Account login or Game Account Login

KTplay Login

The player credential is authenticated with KTplay account system.

Game Account Login

Player is authenticated with game user account system or 3rd parties’, and which will inform KTplay to trusted with that identify.

Note: We suggest the online game to use the Game Account Login method.

Location ID

Define the locations (scenes) of your game which you supposed to display Interstitials. e.g. the end of a game level, on launch etc.  Interstitials can be freely designed and are easily localized.  Use them to cross promote between games, highlight updates or sales events, or bring attention to community events.  Interstitial Demo

Deeplinking is a mechanism to allow you initiate an event (message) to instruct game client go to the designated program location (link to that location).

Define the locations or scenes in your game where you want directing your players to visit. e.g. the Store in your game.

Virtual Goods

Define the virtual currency and items that you will want to send to your players.  Sending rewards through the community is a great way to encourage community event participation and handle customer service.

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