Community Management Best Practices

Here are the best practices for you to take maximum advantages of KTplay.

Creating a healthy environment in the community is going to be crucial for you. In the first week of the game release, make sure you spend some time browsing through the Community every day and find out what everyone is talking about. Use the Virtual Account to interact with the players and make sure players who are contributing meaningful content is instantly rewarded with other players replying to or liking their discussions. 

Categorizing the Community Discussions

Depending on the nature of your game, you should customize the categories of the Community to help players find content that's relevant to what they are searching for. 

  • By default, KTplay comes with five categories already set for you to use. The first category is always the default category which players end their posts to.
    • All Categories
    • Discussions
    • Strategy
    • Help
    • Sharing

  • We highly recommend you to customize these categories so they are very specific to the characteristics of your game. You can also change the order of these categories and put the more important ones toward the top.

Sticky Post Quality Discussion

Show off quality UGC by putting them at the top of the Community page. Use this feature and rotate these discussions frequently to keep drawing players' attention.

  • Your players are sharp; they will notice it if a discussion stays at the top for too long. Make sure you switch things around often!

Leverage Polling to get to know what's on your players' minds

You can launch an in-game poll any time by using KTplay's backend. Polling is a great way for your players to participate in giving you very specific feedback on a topic. You can also use a full screen interstitial to announce the launch of the poll and draw players into the community to participate.

  • Launch a poll and ask your players what they want to see in the next update.

Seeding Your Community with Interesting Content

Use the Virtual Account to seed the Community. Use multiple Virtual Account to reply and like each other. This is to create the very first impression of the community for your players, and remember, the first impression will always be very powerful in guiding the players to either consume or post similar content. So you need to look at this process as a way to guide players to talk about what you want them to talk about.

  • Example: provide a quick tutorial for earlier levels to help players play well. Or share a quick tip that will be helpful.

  • Picture speak a thousand words, make sure you share useful screenshots along with your text content. You can even share tactics, or videos from the advanced stage of your game to get your players excited about advancing further.

Recruit Well Behaved Contributor as Community Moderator

As the interactions in your community grows, you will need others to help you manage and monitor your community. By giving players the privilege to manage the discussions, you are also encouraging them to stay with your game longer. You are not only giving them a small portion of the ownership of this community experience, you are also giving them a sense of belonging. 

Once you assigned players to be Community Managers, they will be able to re-categorize, quarantine, top and lock discussions by other players. 

Manage Well Reported Content

Make sure once a while you browse through the reported content by your players. You can also quickly batch delete or restore all of them. Players are notified in the community when their content is quarantined, deleted or restored. 

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