Technical Information

Supported Platforms

Operating Environment

At game start up, KTplay SDK will check if it is running on a supported devices or OS version, and will be disabled if not. Literally, it will not take up memory and affect the performance of your games.


  • OS Version: iOS 9.0+
  • CPU: arm64, armv7, armv7s, i386 (Simulator)
  • Devices: iPhone5+,iPad2+,iTouch5+,iPad-Mini+


  • OS Version: Android 4.0+

The SDK Size Considerations

Alongside the features and capability enrichment, it is our priority to continue optimize the size of our SDK. That said, the actual size will be varies from SDK version and also with the plug-ins used.

The downloaded SDK package contains additional resource, tools and sample that will be used during integration, so the size is less relevant.

When SDK integrate into your game, it will increase game’s package size, and amount of increment will be depending on the SDK core package (varied as version), plug-in (add-on feature) and resource used (e.g. re-skin).

The SDK Core features are built into the SDK core package, although most of functions can be turn on / off from the developer portal, their code are stayed with core package.

Plug-ins are optional to KTplay SDK package, not only the feature can be turn on / off from developer portal, the components are optional to the built of integration. Typically, Plug-in require additional setup effort for integration, and also is an option for package size adjustment.

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