Community Content Management

Delete Content

You can delete post or reply from KTplay portal, and deleted content are actually marked as deleted logically, so please contact us if you need to help in handle deleted content.

Sticky Post

From KTplay developer portal, you can move a discussion post to the top of community discussions.

Post Locking

From KTplay developer portal, you can disable reply to the locked Post.

From KTplay developer portal, you can mark the discussion (post and its replies) as recommended discussion.

Discussions that are sticky posted or recommended are easily discovered by the community. You should use these features on content that you want to promote as a way to give recognition to the players.

Profanity Filtering

KTplay provides a simple sensitive keyword filtering on the user generated text content posted by players, when inappropriate words are discovered, the characters are replaced with “ * ”.

In additional to the simple filtering, we are working with industry domain expertise to provide add-on Profanity filtering services on text, image and video content, and please contact us for further details on the add-on profanity filtering and their charge scheme.

Content Report and Censoring

KTplay provides a content censoring system that player can report inappropriate content inside the community and every category of reported content (politic, adult and violence, insults, etc) are given different weight determined by KTplay. On average, a post is quarantined (hidden from the community) when it is reported by 2-3 other players. You can still see these reported on KTplay’s back end and choose to permanently remove them or restore them so everyone can see them again.

You can review the reported content from KTplay portal and also perform further operation such as delete the content concerned.

Video Review Process

All video uploaded by player to community will be gone through a review process before display in community. The video content review will be performed in KTplay developer portal, and to speed up the review, the portal also provides screen shoots for video for ease of reading.

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