Virtual Account

Creating Virtual Account

Virtual Account is created to help you manage community with better player experience, task such as seed content inside the community before your game is released, manage content, and you can also interact with other players using Virtual Account from the backend.

Nickname and profile photo are required for creating a Virtual Account. You can also assign any of your Virtual Account as the official community management account for posting anything "official" from yourself.

Official Community Administrator

Virtual account can be marked as "Official Community Administrator" to present your game officially that you can use this account to post any official announcements regarding news, updates or live events to your player base.

Manage Community Content Using Virtual Account

Post Content by Virtual Account.

You can use Virtual Account to creat post to interact with other player in the community.

Select the Virtual Account you want to use when posting content. Virtual Account can also be used to reply other players' discussions.

Edit Discussion by Virtual Account.

For all content generated on KTplay's back end with a Virtual Account, you can edit them any time. 

Note:For content which real players have posted, you can only re-categorize them and not able to edit the content itself.

Reply discussion by Virtual Account.

Everyone wants to know the content they posted have been read by others. Give players the instant gratification by liking or replying everyone with the Virtual Account.

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