Player Management

Manage player accounts in your in-game community.

You can look at the profile of any KTplay registered player in your game by searching their user name in KTplay's back end. Once you find the player you are looking for, you can see all the discussions and replies he/she has posted, leaderboard scores, and personal information such as their SNS account information and email address (If they have entered them). 

Searching for a Player

By going into the player section, you will see the complete list of all the players in your community.

You can search for any specific player by using KTplay username, nickname, or user ID. (e.g. enter ID: XXX or username: XXX in search bar)

Player Profile

By clicking on the username or the profile photos, you will be taken to the player profile page.

On the profile page, you will be able to browse all the discussions and replies posted by the player.

Community Moderator

For player who is great contributors and good follower of community discipline, will be great to recruit them as Community Moderator, and assignment can be configured in KTplay developer portal. Moderator can help:

  • Quarantine content so it will no longer be seen by others
  • Re-categorize Community discussions under proper categories
  • Recommend discussion so they can be easily discovered by all players
  • Sticky post specific discussions to the top of the Community home page

Gag Order

For players who you want to forbid from posting any more content, you can apply a "gag order" to him/her. Once this is done, the player can no longer post anything in the community. 


  • Players who have been gagged are now in the black list of players
  • There are options to gag someone for only 24 hours, or forever

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