In-Game Messaging

You will be surprised at how effective these message are in influencing and guiding your player behavior, especially when using it when combined with KTplay’s User Tagging feature (beta). Here are some examples:

IAP Sales Announcement, Directing Players into the Store.

When you do IAP sales events, make sure you let your players see this great announcement right at the start of the game. Use deep link to take them to the specific IAP page that’s on sale. When this message is triggered and displayed is also an art, make sure you consider the user experience and psychology of the players and offer the the most motivating message at the right timing after embedding the proper trigger points.

  • Make your message short, fun to read and concise.

  • If you are promoting an IAP sale, state the benefit of items promoted clearly to drive up players’ desire for purchase.

  • Use clear and powerful graphics to communicate the benefit of the item on sale.

  • Believe it or not, exclamation mark “!” at the end of your statement really makes a difference!

  • You and choose your game’s version number to send out these messages, so make sure the content of your message is directly relavant to the players for each version of the game.

  • Look at your metrics, make sure you set up the sent time when most of your players are in your game. Usually it is in the evening time.

  • Displaying messages right at the start of the game will ensure maximum exposure of your message.

  • Don’t bombard your players with too many messages every day. Once every 12 hours is a good start.

  • Set up these messages to be displayed only one time to the players, unless you want to show the same message multiple times to the same players.

Where You Trigger These Messages Is Very Important.

Use KTplay’s messages to offer the maximized help when players are having a hard time brings in the most benefit to you. For example: when players fail a level, use an interstitial message to sell an IAP that will help them immediately advance to the next level.

  • When sending messages to all your players, make sure you promote something that will be attractive to your general players. IAP items with a high price tag will turn off players at the earlier levels and vice versa.

  • Instead of having your interstitial message displayed every time at the trigger points, perhaps design a logic where players only see this message after failing a level X times. 

Guiding Players to Consume Community Content

Using the Interstitial Message feature combined with deep link, you can guide players right into a specific discussion so they can join the discussion。You can use this feature to ask for player feedback, launch live event notification and more.

  • Choose the Deep Link option when you want to direct players into a discussion.

  • Make sure you create the discussions first before sending out the message.

  • Match the image inside the message with the image posted in the discussion to keep an consistent user experience. 

  • By clicking on the message, players are taking directly into the specific discussion.

Using Messages to Cross Promote Other Games

One of the best ways to use KTplay’s messaging system is to use it to cross promote your other game titles.

Note:Apple App Store only allows developers to promote their own titles. You can not cross promote titles from other developers.

  • Experiment with different graphics and text to optimize click-through conversion rate.

  • Make sure the download URL for the games you are promoting can be opened and viewed properly on mobile devices.

  • Maximize exposure of your message by displaying it right at the start of the game.

  • KTplay’s backend offers you a comprehensive reporting showing you impressions, clicks and the conversion rate.

Use Messages to Migrate Players to the Latest Version of Your Game

Instead of letting players find out about your latest game update on their own, send a KTplay message to your players right inside your game, tell them the details of the update and link them right to the app store to download. 

If you have an online game, don’t forget to use the interstitial message to let your players know about server maintenance.

  • For such simple game-related message, you can choose to set the button behavior to Close Message so players can simply close this message without having to link to elsewhere.
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