1. KTplay Deeplink Explains

In KTplay, Deeplink is a reference of a specific element (destination) that allow player or game logic directly forward to. Deeplink can be used in navigation between game, KTplay Community and web URL.

1.1 Deeplink Target

Deeplink target is the destination of the navigation that specified by Deeplink ID, and with the following supported resources:

  • KTplay Community Resource Locator (KTRL)

    KTRL specify supported deeplink target of Community Window, such as Discussion list, Inbox, Collection, etc. The supported target will be selected from KTplay developer portal.

    When the Deepink is activated, the locating community UI section will be displayed.

  • Game Resource Locator (GRL)

    GRL specify the configured Deeplink target of Game, that can be any locations in the game, e.g. it can be game’s menu item, shop location, configuration page, etc. GRL need to configured in KTplay developer portal before used. It is recommended to use more sensible naming convention for GRL. When this type of Deeplink activated, SDK will provide the GRL to game via callback, so that game can proceed with required action.

  • Web URL (URL)

    URL is actual an internet URL. When this type of Deeplink activated, SDK will use device’s web browser to open the page specified by URL.

Apart from the definition of Deeplink target, additional parameters can be added to provide more details to the Deeplink specification. Example, topic or next level UI element of Community Window.

1.2 Deeplink Trigger Point

The Deeplink trigger point specify where the Deeplink is activated, it can viewed as entry or carrier of Deeplink. Example.

  • KTplay Community Trigger point

    Community Message or Discussion that embedded with KTRL.

  • Game Trigger point

    It can be a button in Game’s UI, or event of the game logic.

2. Deeplink Integration

Step 1. Design the required Deeplink Trigger Points

Design the required UI elements, carrier and so the scenarios for Deeplink activation, i.e. where to trigger the Deeplink.

Step 2. Configure Deeplinks

SDK use Deeplink ID to identify Deeplink resource used. And the Deeplink configuration is to setup required Deeplink resource and assign a Deeklink ID to It in KTplay Developer Portal.

Add Deeplink into your code

Add the Deeplink integration code into trigger point UI for example.

String deeplinkId = "KTRL.1472120161";

NSString* deeplinkId = @"KTRL.1472120161";
[KTPlay openDeepLink: deeplinkId];

String deeplinkId = "KTRL.1472120161";

string deeplinkId = "KTRL.1472120161";
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