What kind of data will be collected by KTplay SDK?

Device Information:

IDFA(iOS only), IDFV(iOS only), Google Advertising ID,Android ID, IMEI, KTplay Device ID (an ID generated by KTplay SDK for Live Ops features. This ID is not unique across games.), App Version, App Name, Package name (android only), Bundle Identifier (iOS only), Country, Timezone, Device Language, Device OS, OS Version, User Agent,Network Type, Network Operator.


KTplay Community Content:

User Generated Content such as discussions and replies, etc. This would include text, images, and video.



For EU GDPR and COPPA compliance we have an age gate that collects age at the entrance of the community.



If user chooses to bind account to KTplay, we also collect email address.

The China specific version of our SDK also requires users to bind their mobile phone number to KTplay for local internet security reasons.

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