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Parts of the new features are only availble in SDK v3.0


We’re very happy to meet you here!
By now, your colleagues will have completed the KTplay integration into your mobile game. This manual will walk you through the various features in KTplay to help you operate your game.
You can also access the KTplay official website to download the latest version of this document. Let’s get started!

I. Your KTplay Community

KTplay is an in-game community designed to promote and support social interactions between players. Launched in 2014, KTplay has come a long way to offer the best possible social community experience for both developers and players.
The following guide will introduce you (the community manager!) to the KTplay client, as well as the developer back end.

1. KTplay Brief

KTplay’s primary feature is a multimedia (photo, video, text support) forum environment where players can post, share, and engage with one another.

Types of Posts in KTplay:

  • Text posts: A single text topic supports up to 1000 characters;
  • Image posts: A single image post supports up to 9 images + a text description;
  • Video posts: All video posts are automatically filtered to “in-review” on the KTplay back end to await community manager approval;
  • Poll posts: Poll posts are official posts (from the back end) supporting polling features (ex. single/multiple options with image support);
  • Replies: Players can submit first-level replies to topics. KTplay also supports secondary replies (replying to a reply).

2. Deep Linking

KTplay supports the use of deep linking to pull players to and from the in-game community. Community managers can either:

  • Direct players from the game to a specific page of the KTplay community, or;
  • Direct players from the KTplay community to a specific destination in the game, or external URL.

3. Following Relationship and Influence

  • Players can follow other players in KTplay community to get a quick access to their great posts;
  • When followers posts new content, players who following them will get notifications and the content can display in their Follow Toics;
  • Influence score measures players’ influence in the community;
  • Community will explore the players with high influence score and high influence score growth.

4. Developer Portal

The KTplay Developer Portal is the perfect tool for community managers to nurture, influence, and grow their mobile in-game community. The KTplay backend is the command center for community managers to manage their KTplay community in real time.

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