Setting Up Your Community


After KTplay has been integrated, what are the next steps for establishing a friendly and healthy community environment?

  • Set up an “Official Account” and publish your set of community rules.

  • Using virtual accounts, seed your KTplay community with initial content (text posts, images, video) Design the initial homepage featuring to attract players to the community.
  • Use virtual accounts to interact and engage with your early adopters on a peer-to-peer basis to establish a community culture.

1. Creating Official Accounts

KTplay supports the use of virtual accounts to enable community managers to interact with their players on a peer-to-peer basis, whether via an official “Administrator” account, or as a virtual player account.

1.1 Creating Virtual Official Administrator Accounts

  1. Create virtual accounts

    Path: Developer Portal > Members >Virtual Account > Add

  2. Mark virtual account as administrator

    Path: Developer Portal > Players > SEARCH PLAYER

Accounts can be marked as administrators/moderators from the KTplay back end. You should use administrator accounts to post official news, announcements, updates, and community events. Both admin and basic virtual accounts can also be used to interact with players inside the community.

1.2 Player Moderators

Moderators can be recruited from your playerbase to assist in managing your KTplay community directly from the game client. Player moderators can typically include:

  • Developer team members
  • Core/loyal players (beta testers)
  • Outstanding contributors in the community

Developers can go to the “Player” section in the developer portal to select players to “Mark as Moderator”. Moderators will have the following powers from the game client:

  • Flag posts: moderator flagged content is immediately hidden for community manager review;
  • Feature posts: moderators can feature interesting content to make it more visible
  • Move topics: moderators can recategorize or tag topics to move them between sections.
  • Lock: Close down topics from further commenting
  • Quarantine: Hide a post from public visibility until a community manager has a chance to investigate further
  • Recommend: Highlight valuable content on the front page of the cmmunity.  

2. Preparing Your Community

It is vital to prepare a welcoming community environment for your players from the get-go. Prior to opening KTplay to your entire playerbase, we recommend developers seed their new community with preliminary posts and other interesting content, such as game FAQs, strategy guides, and community rules. This content can be featured on the KTplay homepage, ensuring that eye-catching content is visible to all players entering the community for the first time.

During launch week with KTplay, developers should make sure to spend some time each day to observe the dynamics of the new in-game community. It is important to get a sense of what your players are discussing, and what kind of content they are creating and sharing. Community managers can also take a more active role in guiding and shaping the community culture, by using virtual accounts to ensure that all players’ posts are promptly answered, replied, or liked. Your players will love to feel that their thoughts and ideas are being listened to in the community!

2.1 Establishing Community Rules

It is critical that a formal set of official community rules are laid out and shared with all players. To ensure that these community rules are followed, developers should use an official Administrator account to post an “Official Community Rules” topic and stick it on the top of the forum to guarantee visibility.

We have prepared a default template of “Community Rules” for your new in-game community. Feel free to modify these rules according to your players and your game, and post it to your community.

2.2 Seeding Initial Content

You can post a variety of posts with virtual accounts from the KTplay developer portal.

Path: Community > Topics > Create ("+" Icon)


Topic types that can be created include:

  • Topic: Text and/or picture content;
  • Voting: Only available from the Developer Portal. Voting topics allow you to poll in community using a single question and a defined set of responses (supports up to 20 images/ text/ video options);
  • Video: Submit a video to the community. Each post can only support one video. 

2.3 Customize Your Community Home Page

Path: Developer Portal > Community > Homepage Features

After seeding your community with initial content, you can use the featuring tool to highlight the most interesting and eye-catching content on your homepage. The Homepage consists of following feature spots:

  • Hot Topics: Rotating ticker with featured content;
  • Collections: After creating collections of similar content, community managers can feature these collections on the main page (event winners, top submissions, etc.).



Path: Developer Portal > Community > Topics

  • Manage Categories Topics: The first category in the list will be the default category for posts. All the posts in one of other categories will move to the default category once the categories is deleted. Categories display on the community homepage, showing categories icons (user-defined).  
  • Categories can be user limited: you can restrict certain categories to posts from admins and moderators, and others you can open to the general public.
  • Refine and Localize Add custom icons for each categories in real time.  You can also localize categories by language.  



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