Daily Community Maintenance

This section will focus on the necessary daily community operations, including:

  • How to curate and manage community content
  • How to send messages/interstitials to notify, inform, or pull players from the game into the community
  • How to deal with inappropriate content and malicious players in the community

1. Daily Routine

1.1 Interact with your Players!

The first week of a brand new community is critically important when defining the community atmosphere. We recommend that you check your new community at least twice a day (15-30m) in order to keep an eye on your players. We also recommend that community managers:

  • Interact (reply or like) with players: whether community managers are using the official account or virtual player accounts, the act of interaction makes players feel included in the community
    • You can use official account to provide players with “official” responses
    • You can reply to more casual content (photos, screenshots, game questions) with a virtual account to create the sense of an active community

1.2 Feature Content on the Home Page

While it’s important to keep an eye on player behavior, we also recommend that community managers mark out fantastic content to be featured or recommended. This process recognizes outstanding contributions to the community, and helps players realize that community managers really do care!

Interesting or meaningful content can include anything from screenshots, to funny posts, to in-depth strategy guides. Your players will be creating high quality and interesting content all the time. It’s important to keep the community focus on this content by highlighting and featuring great content on the home page.

Finally, players that regularly share unique/useful content should be rewarded for their efforts – use the “reward push” feature to share a gift (in-game currency/IAP) and thank your players for their contributions!

1.3 Review Player-Submitted Videos

All videos uploaded by players to the community are automatically submitted to community manager review. You can find all player submitted videos under the “In-Review Content” tab in the back end. Please note that the red dot notification on the left sidebar indicates that a video is waiting in queue to be reviewed.

1.4 Recruiting Player Moderators

Player moderators are an account designation that gives the basic client-side player account additional features, such as priority reporting, recategorizing content, or even featuring. While it’s suggested that community managers provide all internal staff with the MOD designation, we also recommend developers recruit player moderators to assist with the community management workload.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for engaged, responsible, and helpful players. Offering players the moderator position can create a sense of prestige and recognition in the community. In other cases, it can also be worthwhile to run a “recruiting campaign” inside your community to attract volunteer moderator applications.

2. Messaging and Interstitials

Messages with multi-languages: Games with global release can be operated with much more convinence now (Only support in SDK v3.0). Players in different countries can receive different languages messages at the same time.

  • Target User Filter: For a more accurate expectation of the amount of your audiences, you can add filter of country, language, app version, and user accounts, and see the real time target statistics.
  • Message Preview: At the last step of sending message, message preview is availble now. You can check the content, effective time, and target users to reduce mistakes.

2.1 Banner Messaging

The banner messaging tool can be used to send banner messages to players via the KTplay back end. Banner messages contain a short text description, and is designed to bring players to their KTplay Message Inbox (inside the KTplay Window) to view the full message details.

Currently, there are 3 types of banner messages. The type of banner message you send can be defined when setting up the message in the back end.

  • Information: Information only, no further options are provided
  • URL link: The banner message will include a “call to action” button directing players to an external URL. Example destinations can include the app store (for cross promotion) or a merchandise website.
  • Deep link: The banner message will include a “call to action” button deep linking players to a defined destination inside your game that has been preconfigured on the KTplay back end. Example destinations can include the in-game store (for promotions/sales) or a new game level.
    • Developers can also deep link players to specific topic threads inside of KTplay (ex. FAQ page). This feature is enabled by default.

Banner Message Setup:

  1. LiveOps > Messaging > Create.
  2. Select the type of message you want to send.
  3. Edit the message content (title, message, image). You can preview how the message will be received in the preview window.
  4. Define your message recipients. Currently KTplay supports targeting based on all players, specific username, game version, or defined segment.
  5. Set the message release period. This can be used to prepare messages in advance.

2.2 Interstitial Messaging

Interstitial Messages are a full-screen message with text and graphics.

The call to action button on the Interstitial Message can also be defined to direct players to the following destinations:

  • URL: ex. App Store, Facebook Page, website, etc.
  • Deep Link: ex. an IAP item in your in-game store
  • A specific KTplay Community discussion

After sending the message, it will be displayed to players at the predefined trigger points inside your game (requires developer to define trigger points in advance). As an example, an interstitial can be set to automatically promote an IAP bundle to players immediately after a level failure.

2.3 Gifting Players

Developers have the option when integrating KTplay to bind specific in-game currencies or IAPs with the platform. This enables KTplay to push rewards to players for a one-time redemption. The Send Gifts feature can be used for:

  • Login Reward: when your player opens the game for the first time that day, a KTplay reward notification will pop up.

  • Contribution Reward: You can send reward to players for good behavior, meaningful contributions, or as event prizes. Rewards can also be sent as a thank-you to player moderators

Developer portal operation process:

  1. Go to: Developer Portal > LiveOps > Send Gifts

  2. Define the message, reward, and recipients

  3. Set Start and end time

3. Inappropriate Content

3.1 Profanity Filtering

KTplay provides an automated keyword filtering tool for all user generated text content. When inappropriate words are identified, the characters are automatically censored out with asterisks (ex. **).

In additional to the basic filtering, we are working with industry leaders to provide additional automated filtering tools for text, image and video content. If you would like to learn more, please contact support@ktplay.com for more details.

3.2 Content Reporting

KTplay provides a content reporting system for players to flag inappropriate content. Players have the option of flagging inappropriate posts from inside the in-game community client. KTplay uses a series of reporting categories (political, adult and violence, insults, etc.). On average, a post is quarantined (hidden from the community) after it has been reported by 2-3 other players. You can view all quarantined posts on the KTplay’s back end, and choose whether or not to permanently delete the posts, or restore incorrectly reported posts.

3.3 Gag Order

In extreme cases, a gag order can be warranted for non-reforming players in the KTplay community. By searching for the player profile from the KTplay back end, community managers can select to “gag” these players for a specific amount of time. Banner messaging can also be used to communicate ban information to the player (ex. reason, etc.).

This manual was written by the KTplay support team. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@ktplay.com. We look forward to helping you!

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