In-Game Messaging

There are 2 types of messaging methods supported currently, the Banner Messaging and Interstitial Messaging. In general, Banner Messaging will be used in reminder, prompt, etc., and Interstitial Messaging will be used in announcement, etc.

You can send a banner message to game anytime via KTplay developer portal, Banner message contain short summary of information, mean to bring Player to Message Inbox (Community Window) to full message details.

Currently, there are 3 types of action you can demand player to take after reading the massage, there are

Type Intro
Information Information only, no further actions needed
URL Information and a call to action button with URL configured from KTplay portal. The URL can be a download link, for example
Deep Link Information and the call to action button with DeepLink to your game that configured from KTplay portal

Message Validity: Message will be shown to player when

  • Message is send to matched game version
  • Within the message valid time period
  • Player is in the tagged group (population)

Interstitial Messaging

Interstitial Message is a full-screen message with text and graphics. The mechanism is that

  1. Interstitial message is created with a predefined code (a Location ID), that identify the location of message receiver

  2. Game client decide where in the code to show interstitial message, that in each location will call SDK’s showInterstitialNotification method with different Location ID to distinguish different location of receiver, i.e. location registration

  3. When Interstitial messages send to Game client, it will be shown on the location with that Location ID registered
    The call to action button on the Interstitial Messaging can also take players to the

following destinations:

  • URL (App Store URL, Your Facebook page, website and more)
  • Deep Link (an IAP item in your in-game store)
  • A specific Community discussion

Deeplinking is a mechanism to allow you initiate an event (message) to instruct game client go to the designated program location (link to that location). The Deep Link is an identifier configured in KTplay developer portal, and also your game client logic should recognize the respective program location per configured identifier
Deep Link is a great way to direct players into any point within your game. It can be in-game store, new content, or a specific IAP page. 

Location ID

Location ID a predefined code that configured in KTplay developer portal and also in game logic, the ID identify the location of message receiver. In game client’s particular program location can listen to KTplay message, and only be triggered (callback) with subscribed Location ID. That is, if you want to instruct you game in certain program location to display the interstitial message at the time wanted, send a message with the Location ID concerned.

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