Does KTplay Support Multiple Languages?

Yes, our core UI supports the following lanaguages:  English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Turkish, French, and Portuguese (Brazilian)

Our partners can also localize much of the text in the community.  We support localizations for both our categories and all of our live ops messaging (interstitials, messaging, and rewards).

Localize your Categories

Localize your messages and Interstitials as seen above!

For all other posts, we have an additional “Instant Translate” Feature powered by Google Translates’ UI.

Check out the instant Translate above

Can you break communities down by language?

Yes, our partners have two approaches to doing this.  One is to allow players to remain in the same community but to create language specific categories.  Our partners at LBC studios do this in Hempire:

Hempire Added Categories specifically for their Spanish and Portuguese users

The other option is to create two separate communities in which players cannot interact with one another.  When integrating you can set rules to call different keys to load each community Rodeo Stampede uses two communities, one key is called for Chinese users, and the other for everyone else. As a result, KTplay uses two distinct communities in this game.  

what_everyone_else_sees.jpg What_Chines_Users_see.jpg

                What Global Users See                                          What Chinese Users See



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